For those who don’t know me personally or my story, my name is Kevin Williams and I am responsible for creating and developing this piece of joined up thinking which is the JAI Road Map. I am pictured here with my son Aran who is one of three wonderful children I am privileged to have in my life.

With over thirty years experience in project creation and proprietary business management in the UK and Europe I can lay claim to being a patented inventor, an accredited business development consultant and an award winning property developer, however, regardless of any meaningful work, achievements and failures I may have initiated, enjoyed and endured, I consider this body of work to be the single most important, challenging and rewarding work I have undertaken to date, and I genuinely feel I will ever undertake, as by far, it has the greatest potential to bring the most benefit to the greatest number of people in the most accessible format.
Over many years my absorption into Fundamental Awareness Education and the profound effect which the lack of this fundamental knowledge throughout society has had and is having on humanity now bosses and fuels my sense of purpose and personal aspiration and as such my sole purpose, JAI’s sole purpose, above ALL else is to point YOU in the right direction and assist positively with your FUNDAMENTAL AWARENESS and personal development toward true contentment and well-being and a complete understanding of how and why YOUR outlook and attitude matters so significantly in the quest for GLOBAL SOCIAL HARMONY.
I consider myself simply a problem solver and an innovator, a student of the biggest picture and a social entrepreneur with the propagation of correct fundamental awareness education throughout society project-numero-uno.

It is important that you take on board the following wholly factual Statement of Truth right from the outset as it is ONLY the TRUTH which you will be focusing on from now on:

The information contained herein and directed to via the James Allen Initiative Concise Road Map to a Greater Understanding, together with the correct effort of thought, is ALL that is required in order to transmute ANYONE from complete ignorance to complete spiritual enlightenment, from fear to empowerment, from failure and mediocrity to success. Please keep this firmly affixed in your open mind as your journey unfolds, especially in the early days and weeks that pass.
For your information and as you are soon to find out from my writing I can be both humorous and tongue in cheek at times as well as being straightforward, pragmatic and challenging…the bottom line is that I possess both a highly developed sense of humour and an equally developed sense of purpose and intent. I thought it beneficial to give you this insight before we start on this journey together.


Why would I want to create such a programme?


Not so many moons ago, I successfully liberated myself from the darkest, most testing period of my life, a negative period, identifiable externally by my failing enterprise, my failing marriage and my furrowed brow!

Prior to this period of chaos and uncertainty I had lived what I believed to be a productive, successful and happy life, but the truth was, as I now know the truth to be, although in the main this was true I could have been a whole lot more successful from my productivity, and for certain, I could have been more than a few clicks further up the happy scale for much of the time!

Over an incredibly short space of time and as I freed myself from my angst and any depressive tendencies that had developed over this period of despair, and becoming ever more aware through an ever increasing and greater understanding through simple study and deliberation, I not only discovered my true vocational path, (for which I am eternally grateful for), but I also discovered why I should attempt to share this source of wisdom with others, as you too will discover if you embark on the same journey as I.

Through this simple study and deliberation I have concluded beyond a shadow of doubt that sheer ignorance deep within Humanity is driving and fuelling abhorrent mindless madness deep within Society and like me, not only is your lack of ignorance fundamental to your success and happiness, our lack of ignorance on mass, as humanity, is directly pivotal to ending the madness we are witnessing all around us.
Enlightened people do not go around killing or maiming each other. Successful, caring and mindful people take care of themselves, their families and their environment. Successful, caring and mindful people help others achieve the same state of contentment & well-being. Successful, caring and mindful people contribute positively to both Society and Humanity, and a world filled with enlightened individuals is a world WITHOUT mindless madness.
Global social harmony and the understanding of success, well-being and the bigger picture for all to benefit from and enjoy; two very good reasons why to share such wisdom, I’m sure you will agree.

With ALL my experience, intuition and ‘engineering’ logic coming in to play, I concluded that a ‘Road Map’ is the best way I know of to share with you how I brought about such huge positive change to  every aspect of my life, and not only to my life, but to the lives of my wife and our precious children too. My intent is to share what I know in the simplest and most effective format so you too may develop and enjoy the life you truly want and deserve, and, for you also to become better equipped thereafter to pass on this life enhancing wisdom to those you love and care for.
The ingredients, the knowledge and wisdom required for success and well-being is the same whether you are a Student or a young person just getting to grips with adult life or you are a person with more time behind you than in front of you. There is simply no difference.

I created this program over many many months and I share it with you in gratitude and out of respect and reverence for James Allen and all those selfless individuals, past or present, whom ‘shared’ this information and their undeniable wisdom with me, as the very same information and subsequent increased awareness it afforded me did indeed transform my life beyond recognition allowing me to find my true purpose and develop the necessary skills and awareness to live my life to the full and enable me to pass on the source of this acquired knowledge to others, and hopefully, this will include you.

It will be my pleasure to guide you through your Road Map step by step until you discover the ‘truth’ for yourself and with it YOUR formula for Health, Wealth and Happiness. I am simply sharing with you in an orderly, thought provoking manner information I KNOW to be life enhancing and fundamental to our well-being and financial success, information gifted to us by the MOST learned and respected of authors and academics…of course, it is up to you to take ownership of it and use it to YOUR advantage thereafter…which I have total faith you will do!

For your information and to avoid any and all confusion, this Road Map is a work of pragmatism and scientific based reasoning and process and Religion per se does not play any part whatsoever albeit of course there will be a myriad of examples and similarities relating to thinking and reasoning within this body of work that may infer reference to one religion or another and none more than the use of the word Faith. Please note from the outset, what I mean when I use the word faith is in fact Faith in Principle. (Principle ~ A fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behaviour or for a chain of reasoning.)
And what I mean when I use the word truth is that which we know by rational and scientific reasoning and practical matter of fact to be true in accordance with what we accept as reality in accordance with the Natural Laws of the Universe and we observe beyond any doubt to govern our state of being.
Of course as in Quantum Physics and in every other field of Science we are testing and exploring what is ‘true’ all of the time and continually updating our awareness of the known ‘truth’ to suit.
However when it comes to the ‘truths’ associated with Classical Physics and the Natural Order, the ‘Laws’ that ‘we know’ govern our [practical] existence, we can be pretty sure, because things either work or they don’t, because they behave as we expect or don’t, that we can use the word ‘truth’ pretty reliably in this context.
If I throw a pebble in a pond it will make a ripple…and the ‘truth is’ if I try to build an aeroplane ignoring or not understanding the Laws of Aerodynamics and Motion I will fail miserably. If I defy nature I will suffer – period. Eat to much I lose my health and mobility. Behave inconsiderately or entertain bad habits I ‘suffer’ the consequences. All undeniable truths.
Night follows Day…Day follows Night…Death follows Life…simply the ‘Truth’ as dictated by our known reality in our known universe.
So, what are the ‘truths’ associated with Success and Failure, Health and Disorder, Contentment and Misery, Love and Hate, War and Peace? It’s time to find out right?

Please take the trouble to find out more of ‘Our Ethos’ and continue onward as soon as you are ready…

I look forward to sharing this journey with you and hopefully making your acquaintance personally over the coming weeks and months.

Very best wishes,


Onward and Upward!
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