Road Map Page 10 – Wealth Creation & Financial Freedom

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles.


Believe it or not the information that is contained in this book together with the information contained in Rhonda Byrne’s ‘The Power’, if understood and applied as directed, is ALL you need to live a life totally happy, healthy and abundant.

You WILL know this statement to be true when you have finished reading and deliberating over these amazing works.


“By the way you can listen to the FULL audio book of ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ below…(and ‘The Science of Being Well’ too)! PRICELESS…listen to it (them) over and over… a hundred times over!” K


OK, let’s take stock of where we are – before you go any further you should have now finished reading ‘The Secret’ and ‘The Power’, watched the Secret Movie and deliberated over the content of the previous eight or so pages and the links contained within. Please do not move any further forward on the ‘Road Map’ unless this is so as you will not gain all you can from the program if you do as the order of delivery is almost as important as the information itself. You see, (…and as you may already have discovered), as the program develops so will your awareness increase which in turn will give you the capacity to process the information most productively and as intended – remember this is a ‘process’, plain and simple. If you are ready to continue then we hope you are feeling very different from whence you started out!

Onward and Upward… let’s move on!


The Science of Getting Rich in my opinion offers fundamental instruction and knowledge and will afford you wisdom enough just from this one book if absorbed as intended by the author to live successfully and aspire to the best that is in you.

Wallace D Wattles will help you understand the most important principal of living correctly and happily – this information you are about to take ownership of is the absolute real deal. Study it, re-read it over and over and treat the information as precious and priceless!

Discovering the work of Wallace D Wattles is a very big reason why this Road Map will equate without doubt, on a personal reward level for you, to be the best investment in your time and your future you will ever make. Period

Wallace will teach you the huge significance, value and importance of self fulfilling beliefs … those of independence, purpose, love, and gratitude … he will help you understand the real and fundamental value of ‘teach a man to fish’, the reasons why morally you SHOULD aspire to become wealthy, the problem with charitable acts of kindness and the long term effects on society and how the promotion of self fulfilling beliefs, with love and selflessness as the driving force, is and can only be the necessary action to take which will lead humanity to world peace and harmony. These are just some of the ‘connections’ it is possible to gain from reading and deliberating over this literary master class… and this wisdom in print SHOULD form the mainstay, the hub, the focus of your concentration to achieve financial success.


OK, before you listen to the Wallace Wattles Audio below let’s have another (possibly more informed) look at Bob Proctor’s take on ‘The Science of Getting Rich’. What you are about to view again, in my opinion, is an absolute master class and I believe possibly represents Bob’s finest work ever. He has given his seminar the same title as the book (for very good reason!) and the information he shares with you is priceless too!
Bob encompasses the fundamentals of how a successful life is attained with such clarity and precision that it had an immediate impact on me thus I now invite you to once again delve in and start absorbing Bob’s words without further delay. Go to sleep at night with it on, wake up with it on, and eat your breakfast in front of it … it IS that fundamental!
Enjoy and learn…enjoy and THINK…enjoy and use…AND USE WITH A SELFLESS FOCUS for maximum effect!
(Listen out for when Bob talks about ‘being a good little giver…’)
If you would like to purchase a DVD for your library then please contact me direct from your Member Page as we have negotiated favourable rates with Seminars on DVD and obviously can pass on those discounts to you.



And now, onto your ‘mini’ classic whenever you are ready … keep this one with you like a nursing blanket … it will reset you and help you focus every time you read it … 100% Guaranteed.

As a Man Thinketh by James Allen


An absolute summary and another ‘Master-class’ in just 72 pages!


James Allen is a genius, his work WILL have a fundamental enormous effect on you…if you appreciate him and his work as I have. There is much more to follow from James Allen in later stages of your Road Map, but for the meantime enjoy reading and listening to As a Man Thinketh if you haven’t already (sidebar right). Awesome!


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