Road Map Page 12 – The Paradigm Effect


Are you suffering with real blockages or paradigms surrounding this thing we call MONEY?

Have you ever heard of the ‘Chakras’ or ‘The Tapping Solution’?



At this point in our personal development we have grown enough to be open minded about more or less anything right?

…as we know the truth will out and if what we are investigating stands up to scrutiny, and experiment brings forth ‘real’ conclusion then using our common sense and personal experience we satisfy our own belief system right?

Well check these subjects out for sure as many people are benefiting enormously from the knowledge and practical techniques taught especially in the area of ‘Wealth Manifestation’.

One such expert, Margaret Lynch, author of ‘The Secret of Intentional Wealth’ and friend/colleague of Bob Proctor has prepared a FREE online set of video presentations with accompanying ‘real time’ testimonials via Facebook which is definitely a very good place to start investigating in our opinion.

Here’s the link to The 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation; just register your name and email and Margaret will send you the link to her full video presentation.

Listen to what Bob Proctor and others have to say in the videos below and here is the link to ‘The Tapping Solution’ website.

Enjoy delving, we surely did and we got a lot out of it for sure…there’s always something to learn and ponder over!

Chakra on Wikipedia

Enjoy watching this selection video clips by Bob and other credible individuals. There is so much more freely available for you to sift through on YouTube too…enjoy the process!



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