Road Map Page 13 – Greatness, All Wrapped Up

The Holy Grail!

Now it’s almost time to start on the holy grail of advanced personal development tutelage, ‘The Master Key System’ by Charles Haanel … after which, you, the student, will become, you, the teacher… if you so desire!


BUT FIRSTLY… Please listen to the following audio book below and read the book itself during your weeks of engagement with ‘The Master Key System’:

 ‘The Science of Being Great’ by Wallace D. Wattles

You are READY and it will prepare you for ‘The Master Key System’ and for your own transition to ‘greatness’ which is both imminent and inevitable.

Please keep Wallace D Wattles’ two books very close to you (you have both books in the same volume) … along side James Allen, he too is your main man… and like I suggested you do with the ‘Science of Getting Rich’, please listen to and read this incredible man’s work often.. a thousand times often until his wisdom is your wisdom!

(Without a shadow of a doubt, if you are anything like me, ‘The Science of Being Great’ will become a ‘Desert Island choice’! ~K)


The Master Key System is a work of absolute Genius too written nearly one hundred years ago and it is as current today as it was then… more so in fact, as without doubt it is a piece of work that WILL play an important role in the bright future Mankind has to look forward to!

It is a complete education rather than an educational read and should be treated as such. The information is truth personified and based squarely on scientific fact and intellectual reasoning covering every topic that surround the human mind and being, conscious and sub-conscious. The Gentleman in the video feels the same way and articulates the ‘essence’ of the work very well… have a listen and commit to the Haanel journey… you will not look back!

Take a look at the video of the Master Key System after you’ve finished reading and/or listening to ‘The Science of Being Great’ by all means but PLEASE, use the hard copy and follow the program using the real book. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Since its first publication in 1914 this exacting work of Genius, ‘The Master Key System’ has been affecting everyone who reads and absorbs it… and to great positive effect. Please remember as you study and deliberate…think SELFLESSNESS. Integrate SELFLESSNESS into every thought process…James Allen will help you…much more to come!



The Master Key System IS the Holy Grail and studying the teachings of Charles Haanel will make you the Master of your own destiny… you are now fast approaching the time whereby you don’t need any more guidance from me, you now know that your destiny is in your hands and you also know that the FAITH that you now possess or are just around the corner from, developed from the increased knowledge and awareness you have acquired, will enable you to find out all you need to know of the truth in everything you seek and you are now ready to make and take the most from your life.

Like a martial artist having achieved 1st Dan Black Belt knows… the journey to ‘mastery’ of the Art can now begin!

Congratulations on getting this far… an achievement in itself and worthy of praise for it is your desire, your faith and your determination that has brought you to this point, to this ‘advanced’ level of awareness, and it is those attributes that will deliver you Health, Wealth and Happiness… Guaranteed!


Who Shares Wins…to Give IS to Receive!


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