…a Greater Understanding?

…a Greater Understanding?

The ‘final’ page of your Road Map?

A little folly on my part perhaps…you’re now way past the ‘understanding’ stage!


Hopefully you’re now well on your way to feeling enlightened, inspired and you have developed an inner steadfastness derived from knowing the truth and with it self belief and confidence that comes with knowledge, heightened awareness and wisdom.

If you have lost your fears then FAITH is what you have found in return… not a bad exchange for a little study and a little thinking exercise, I hope you concur? However there is more yet to come as you will discover below…more depth, more reinforcement of the truth, the final chapter in the journey toward understanding and appreciating Divine Enlightenment and how Peace on Earth CAN manifest and WILL prevail.


In the meantime, perhaps a few last pointers or observations I have been fortunate to conclude on may help you through any lingering unanswered questions or confusions of your own, I hope so… please enjoy these last few notes in conclusion of your Road Map to a Greater Understanding.


Do you now understand the role entrepreneurship plays within Humanity and how instinctive our entrepreneurial and creative activity really is? Every living thing on our planet instinctively goes about making its living doing whatever, by evolutionary design and drivers, it is supposed to do… a plant gatherers nutrients in the most efficient way it can for any given situation and photosynthesises the energy from the sun to provide its living, its fuel to survive, propagate and reproduce… a Mole makes its living blindly searching out Earth Worms within a foot of the surface whilst Lion prefer to predate on the open plain on creatures that also live on the open plain but prefer to make their living browsing on plant life.

We are all designed to make a living in a certain way and we all adapt to make a living in a preferred way … isn’t Entrepreneurship, the act of making our living, both creatively and from what resources we have available and in a manner that suits our individualism, WANTS and needs, simply our primeval instinctive desire to make a living? And our desire to do this better and to a higher standard is in complete alignment with nature too, right … as you are now fully aware that the purpose of life is growth, yes?


Do you now understand and fully appreciate the relationship between Gratitude and Forgiveness? Do you fully appreciate the simplicity and liberating beauty of forgiveness and how straightforward it is to forgive? Every experience in your life that you have had, good or bad, as long as you have survived it, delivers a gift of knowledge and heightened awareness and no matter how bad that experience is that you have lived through you will have been gifted the wisdom by which you can prevent or protect others form having such experiences in the future… and any gift we receive in life, if our attitude is correct, we should be truly grateful for, yes? The bottom line is that it is both illogical and irrational to be ungrateful for something that ‘we’ have received benefit from … and the ‘we’ can include not only ourselves but our loved ones and the whole of humanity too. True forgiveness is inextricably linked to gratitude … True forgiveness is simply a product of gratitude!

How can we hold a grudge against something or someone we are grateful for or to? …And to learn is to receive knowledge, yes? … and if we are in receipt of anything that benefits us then the very least we should do is say thank you, right? Thank you – the most important phrase in any language.


Do you now understand and fully appreciate that worry really is a pointless pastime? “What is the point?” … a VERY BIG QUESTION INDEED:

  • Does your existence, (or any other person’s existence, past, present or in the future), have any significance in relation to the continuum of the human race on planet Earth?
  • Does the existence of humanity, past, present or in the future, have any significance to the continuum of life on Earth?
  • Does the existence of life on planet Earth have any significance to the continuum of our Solar System?
  • Does our Sun’s continuum, our solar system’s continuum, have any significance to the continuum of our Galaxy…to the continuum of the Universe?

The answer to all of these questions is ‘No’… so, if there is no point to our existence (which is pretty obvious, right?) what is the point of worrying about anything at all???

And if there is no point in worrying about anything what should we be doing with the time we are fortunate to spend on this wonderful planet? Should we simply be doing the things we want to do in keeping with the natural order of the Universe which is to live harmoniously in our surroundings, grow and recede… and in our case as a species, harmonious means to exist and co-exist in the immutable embrace of Love, Gratitude and Purpose! How do we know this is the right way to live, to be? Because it makes us feel the best when we do…and this goes for everyone of sound mind and faculties, and, this is exactly what every other living organism on the planet does, has always done, and will always continue to do so…it really is as simple as that. The purpose of Life is Growth and Love + Purpose = Growth..


…And most importantly and most fundamental of all, do you now understand that Attitude is absolute key to your Health, Wealth and Happiness? …that is more specifically, having the CORRECT ATTITUDE or NOT toward ABSOLUTELY everything in your life is key to all successes, all failures and everything in between?!

The Science of Being Great by Wallace D Wattles presents this to you in the most succinct and precise manner… I hope you are now able to concur.

For example: You may have the greatest athletic gift in the history of Humanity akin to Usain Bolt or Muhammad Ali but if your attitude toward your toe nail care is incorrect and an ingrowing toe nail renders you lame then all the talent in the World will do you no service at all if you are rendered lame… and further more if that toe nail becomes infected… and you loose your toe… and then your leg… and then your life through blood poisoning… you would have dearly wished your attitude toward to toe nail care would have been different!


So you see, life is simple, very simple indeed… ‘Know what you want in all aspects of your life and have the correct attitude toward everyone and everything’ …and you will have cracked it! How does this and all the knowledge and awareness you now have sum up?



Keep on seeking the TRUTH, re-visit your steps, read over your library until every last lingering darkness has vanished and you truly ‘know’ what it is you ‘really want’ from every aspect of your life… keep on studying, keep on educating yourself every day, but most of all, keep on THINKING and ALIGNING and QUESTIONING and your life can only get more fulfilling and in every way, no other result is possible… and you now understand why, right?

The Truth WILL set you FREE! Period.


Go ahead now, you’ve worked hard, make your claim… claim YOUR Birthright and celebrate it as you would your ‘Birthday’ with great cheer and gusto!


We would dearly like you to share with others what you have been privileged to find as it will be our privilege to take your friends and loved ones on the same journey that you have been on following our lead (or perhaps the one you are still on if you’ve jumped the gun and are reading this a little ahead of yourself…no problem if this is the case; you now know for sure what you have to look forward to!). Please pass on The JAI Road Map to as many friends and family members as you can using Facebook and sharing our website, for be sure to remember to remember;

Who Shares Wins…to Give IS to Receive

…and you will be no exception!

Of course any donation you feel pleased to give we will gratefully receive as this is the way we choose to make available the services and support we provide.

Please keep in touch…your ongoing Education, Health, Wealth and Happiness is ours too and we would dearly like to share in your joy as it is only this which makes that which we do worthwhile…

One Goal…One Vision!


Do you remember this?

We will start our program at the end… where every successful project ever conceived, realised its beginning.

As you will discover and verify for yourself with both Heart and Mind over the coming days and weeks:

The KEY to Your ultimate well-being is SELFLESSNESS.
The KEY to Peace on Earth is SELFLESSNESS.

…and a concise summary containing the key ingredients necessary for you to achieve YOUR ultimate state of being is this:

Seek out the TRUTH in ALL things and DECIDE what you REALLY WANT TO DO in order to deliver the greatest service and benefit to others whilst engaging in activity which you truly love, (that which aligns with your abilities and satisfies your soul), concentrating on being the best that you can be, (think self discipline and self respect), living in the PRESENT DAY motivated into constant ACTION by your DEFINING PURPOSE and SELFLESS (WRITTEN) INTENT, fortified and embraced by the immutable forces of LOVE and GRATITUDE.


“If you’re not inspired to ‘get on’… then MOVE ON!” 

Only engage in activity motivated by thoughts of Love, being truly grateful for ALL you love and ALL that surrounds you and you cannot go wrong!



A final summary, and a parting gift…

True happiness and contentment begins and ends with Self, therefore the only task you need concern yourself with is to truly understand Self, and more so, the true implications of Self.

You will know when you truly find Self as it will be at the very same moment that you loose it, which will be at the very same moment that true happiness and contentment emerges.


It’s fitting that your destiny and James Allen’s works of genius should have the last say…enjoy both, concentrate on both…study the works of James Allen until YOUR true happiness and contentment emerges and shines as a beacon of peace to all humanity.

One final request – Please Share your Road Map so others may take advantage too, and if you feel you have benefited from what you have received then a donation of your choosing would be hugely appreciated and welcome.

Thank you for joining me and my sincerest best wishes.


It is also fitting that both James Allen’s final say and my final offering are one and the same…thank you James Allen!
The Divine Companion by James Allen awaits you…


One Goal…One Vision.


Our Goal is to provide a Road Map to Well-being for every living soul
who has the desire and wherewithal to utilise it…
Our Vision is to see the whole of Humanity enlightened, thriving and
content, devoid of limiting beliefs, preventable illness and
debilitating addiction, living independently in faith with inspired
purpose and selfless intent, energised and motivated by
the most powerful and freely available fuel sources in Nature’s
treasure chest…Knowledge, Love and Gratitude!
The results over time of this highly achievable ideology?
Nothing less than WORLD PEACE and the Human Race once more in harmony with the
Natural World and benefiting from an ever expanding intellect and consciousness!
The above ‘question’ – a contradiction in terms maybe,
but the ‘answer’ is simply hard fact and OUR destiny!


Choose to believe it.



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