Road Map Page 2 – Success or NOT?



Before we open up into the ROAD MAP proper it’s time to plant an ENORMOUS seed
in your mind for you to dwell over now and contemplate for the rest of your life.


The following are statements of ABSOLUTE fact:


There is a Science of Getting Rich • There is a Science of Being Well • There is a Science of Being Great





So, you want to be successful and enjoy a truly contented life?

Obviously, hence why you are here, right?


And of course you may already be successful and very content with your life
but there’s always room for a little more of a good thing, right?

And for sure, you’re already well aware that being successful
and truly content can be, and often are, two entirely different things, yes?


Ok good, get yourself focused and in the moment and thinking about ‘you’, (for the moment), and from the outset make a decision to ONLY consider Success and Contentment as one and the same thing because this is the ONLY goal you’re interested in, right?

So, think about YOU for a moment:
If you’re a Student, do you see yourself going down a corporate employed route as a career or do you see yourself as a teacher or an entrepreneur maybe, running and developing your own practice, business or empire perhaps?
And right now this minute, do you feel a million dollars, everything is awesome, no worries, no issues?
Or are you feeling unsure about life; of being away from home perhaps or the course of study you are embarking on perhaps?
Or are you just feeling miserable right now and thinking that you just want to be somewhere else?
And if your formative years are well and truly behind you, what of your present life and career, job or business? How do you feel about your current set of ingredients? Ecstatic, Indifferent or Miserable?


Well, the primary objective of this Road Map is to help
you get aligned, feel great and attract SUCCESS.
Simple as that.


So, what’s the difference between a first class honours degree and a second class degree?
What’s the difference between a first class life and a life that isn’t so ‘first class’?

What do you think?

Yes of course…effort, intelligence maybe, a silver spoon…
What of luck or good fortune? Does this play a part?


Well here’s a head’s up to get you thinking a little…


The answer?


First and foremost, (as Bob Proctor so eloquently states in an amazing seminar you
will see later on), it is a decision, made by you, in answer to to a VERY simple question,
that is ALL that is needed to make the difference between great or NOT so great…


What do you want?
What do you REALLY WANT?


…and following this DECISION it will be your HABITS and your DESIRE and your LIMITING BELIEFS and the subsequent ACTIONS which transpire from these three things which will determine your fate.

There is not an ounce of luck or chance anywhere near it!

Your ultimate success and wellbeing WILL BE DETERMINED BY YOU. You are in control!
And the content of this ROAD MAP together with a simple application of concentrated
effort of thought will both show you and prove to you beyond any doubt why this is so.
You and you alone have the POWER AND EVERYTHING ELSE YOU ‘NEED’ to determine your fate.


So, where does the all-important DESIRE come from?


It comes from knowing EXACTLY what you WANT, and BELIEVING you CAN attain it.
And the starting point really is as fundamental as this.


What do you REALLY WANT?


It is YOUR Definiteness of Purpose, your Attitude and your Belief that WILL determine your level of DESIRE which will translate in direct proportion to the levels of SUCCESS you enjoy from the subsequent Actions you are HIGHLY MOTIVATED to take.
And it’s your Faith (in Principle) that will give you rock-solid belief. How do we attain Faith in principle? From knowing, from understanding how something actually works and/or transpires, that’s how.
And in the case of Success and Achievement – this is EXACTLY what this programme is designed to help you understand the mechanics of. You will learn and understand and then apply The Science of Success.
Let’s think about HABITS and ACTION for a minute or two as these two elements are just as fundamental in formula for Success and Wellbeing…




We all have some knowledge of the Law of Gravity, or the Laws of Flotation and Motion for example…but do we know of or have even heard of the Law of Attraction, or the Law of Increase, or the Law of Compensation?


These are the Laws which dictate the Science of Success.


And it is these laws together with how they all come together in the Natural World which you will learn about and become expert in through the information this Road Map will guide you to and how you apply what you learn and further discover thereafter.
Beyond the seemingly weird and wonderful Quantum Realm, CAUSE AND EFFECT dictates and governs ALL the Laws of the Universe that boss our macro realm, and it is these immutable Laws which govern both the physical and non-physical world we live in, nothing is random in the universe, Cause and Effect dictates everything we experience. And this is why we can send a probe to Mars, Saturn or anywhere else we choose and know exactly when it will arrive and exactly how it will behave when it gets there! Planes fly because of the exacting known Laws of Aerodynamics acting with every other Law as described by Classical Physics…Cause and Effect…Action and Reaction. Yes, there are many many unanswered questions on the Quantum Realm but planes fly, and ships float, and grass grows and wind blows due to the many Laws that have now successfully been described by science.


If there was one single random act that took place in the universe, the universe and all in it would not exist (as we know it anyway).
Think about this statement of fact for a minute or two!


So, by the very same Laws at work, cause and effect determines our existence and it is our habits that we either program into ourselves or we have inherited from our forbears and the ACTION we take as a consequence of those habits that will determine and DELIVER our results and our greatness or not so greatness.


Good habits … Good results.
Bad habits … Compromised, unsatisfactory results at best.


How do YOU create a ‘subconscious’ habit? YOU program it with YOUR conscious mind. And once you become mindful of these simple yet profound fundamental facts which mean YOU are in total CONTROL and YOU can generate enough POWER and fabric for whatever GROWTH and ACHIEVEMENT that you DESIRE, and if you add in the fact that the purpose of life is GROWTH and nothing makes us feel better as humans than when we achieve something worthwhile or when we are engaged in acts of love and nurture…then the formula for success, and, the way for YOU to APPLY a formula for success, quickly takes shape in our mind’s eye, right? Clean, clear and STRAIGHTFORWARD.


MISTAKES…let’s talk about mistakes for a minute and relate this to cause and effect…



You can probably think of the things we’ve ALL been ‘taught’ right?
Learn from it…retrace our steps etc etc





If YOU make a wrong turn, YOU have to find somewhere to turn around and back track over YOUR steps.
YOU pay the price of lost time and fuel…and if you’re late for a job interview? …blah blah blah
If YOU make a mistake and drink one too many beers…what is the price?
A hangover…at best!
If YOU cheat on a partner or speed through a built up area and something terrible happens…
What is the price???


If YOU make a mistake YOU have to pay the price whether it be in time, money, heartache, liberty or even worse!
Whether we are individuals or humanity itself…this is the rule, this UNIVERSAL LAW is our GOVERNOR.





So, how can we avoid making mistakes?




How do we acquire wisdom?




And how do we acquire knowledge?






And it is CORRECT EDUCATION that we are starting to think about here right now and ultimately you are being led toward, this wholly FUNDAMENTAL education which is NOT taught to us in any depth in school, university or anywhere in mainstream even though it is the most important education WE ALL require if we are to be all that we can be and live as contentedly as we deserve to.
FUNDAMENTAL AWARENESS EDUCATION is THE most beautiful and stimulating subject to engross yourself in, as making sense of the workings of the mind, the workings of the Natural World and how we fit into this incredible universe is truly enthralling, rewarding and wholly enlightening in every sense of the word.


Nelson Mandela (1918 -2013)
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”
Has there ever been a truer statement?

So, let’s now look in the mirror and move forward to a myriad of priceless jewels and the uplifting and wholly inspiring world of FUNDAMENTAL AWARENESS EDUCATION – the benefit of which you will NEVER denounce…or look back from.



To YOUR Success and Well-being…
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