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As you will also discover, the Road Map contains a great deal of very good and informative content in the form of video and audio, however before we enjoy delving into more of this we need to start thinking about your reading library as much of the information I would like you consume is far better digested and more effective if read. Even more effective is to both read, and listen to an audio narration, if there is an option to do so. (Not at the same time!)
I have included the equivalent audio of every book where possible, so if reading is something that you are still ‘learning to love’ there are no excuses for not getting stuck in! The choice of how you acquire the reading material is entirely up to you and I will give you each option for each book or compilation of books as you will see. Obviously, if you’re a student you SHOULD be able to get everything from your college library but you’ll be amazed how little in financial terms it will cost you to start building your own personal library and own these PRICELESS works of genius yourself! (Serious this time btw 😉 )
All you will have to do is follow the links I have provided here and you will be able to get the books you need…and at a song! Options include: Hardcopy/traditional books or of course eBooks. Amazon, (new and used), I find offer best value and service, and for eBooks, Kindle do offer incredible value as you will see especially on the older MORE PRICELESS works!
For Example: James Allen – The Complete Premium Collection; 21 Books in One! Kindle – £1.49!!!
HOWEVER, as you’ve probably now seen, the whole of the James Allen Library is available to you online for FREE courtesy of the James Allen Free Library TOGETHER with most of his works in AUDIO BOOK format accessed directly from the side bar to the right…enjoy! >>>


Below is a list what I consider to be your library of reading and viewing essentials, and as you will see, I will guide you on what to read and when as the Road Map unfolds. I will start you off with a few links to Amazon books but be sure to source the books on the list from wherever you want to…search and you WILL acquire them for a song!


  • The Secret, The Power and the The Secret Movie (DVD)* by Rhonda Byrne
    *(Although included in the Road Map videos when available on YouTube, it is very good to have a Hard copy of this to watch on TV and share with your friends…)

As a Man Thinketh by James Allen (Your Desert Island Book – For your pocket, briefcase or handbag!)

It is important for you to know at this stage, especially if you already have prior knowledge of some of the initial material I have included, that this program, by design, like any fundamental educational program, starts off with material that anyone and everyone will be able to relate to and make sense of from day to day living, and, from one’s own personal experiences and current understanding of ‘life’. It is only as you journey further into the Road Map exploring the works of the likes of Wattles, Haanel and of course Allen that the true value of what you have before you can, and will, be fully appreciated. For your own benefit and future well-being, please remember this and avoid pre-judging anything or allowing preconceived ideas to influence you or premature conclusions to thwart you. See what Stephanie wrote below.
Every inclusion in this Road Map is there for very good reason…and at your journey’s end, you will understand everything and have no desire to criticise anything.

The two volumes by celebrated author Rhonda Byrne will make up your initial reading and will take us a good way into the pages of the Road Map … the remaining books along with many other media items embedded within the Road Map will take you onward and upward and will provide the rock-solid platform for your ongoing education and life long personal development.

Good, we’re set to go but before we continue, please take a listen to Bob Proctor enthuse in the video below over the film The Secret and ask yourself, Why? Why should such an intellectual giant be so animated over this movie and book of the same name?

The answer is simply because they sum up the essence of the natural wonders and phenomena that do exist in our Universe and the true ‘source’ of power that exists for every living soul on this planet to tap into … and it is for this very same reason why I have chosen to introduce them to you as your initial taster into this fascinating and all consuming subject. They are a perfect introduction for anybody embarking on a journey to heightened awareness as I will explain in more detail further on.

Please watch Bob’s introduction of the movie, The Secret, followed by the movie itself nested together in the first video set you will come to below. Thereafter keep working down the page and take in the other videos on offer culminating in Bob’s incredibly powerful coaching seminar The Science of Getting Rich toward the bottom of the page, and then some reading is required…

The first book I would like you to read on your Concise Road Map to Success and Wellbeing a.k.a The James Allen Initiative Concise Road Map to a Greater Understanding is The Secret by Rhonda Byrne; a book that literally stirred up the World back in 2006 and continues to be a catalyst for thousands of people each year who have found the desire and hence the inspiration to take the life that is rightfully theirs. Feel free to watch the full movie of the same name, The Secret, at any time…and as many times as you like as the more times you expose yourself to content and people speaking, the more you will absorb and the more personal connections you will bring to the fore regarding the Law of Attraction.

When you finish reading The Secret begin reading The Power right away and be sure to watch the movie and Bob’s seminar over and over and as often as you can, especially whilst having a break from your reading. Regardless of whether you intend to go into Business and set the world alight, become a teacher, a politician or a chief of industry, the information contained in this seminar is very thought provoking indeed.

Enjoy and keep an open mind to everything; there is a very big picture awaiting you with real substance!




Don’t be afraid to purchase Used copies for your Hardcopy library; they’re usually as good as new…just a few pounds and you’re library will be well under-way!


The Secret and The Power by Rhonda Byrne.

Why these books?

These two books (together with ‘The Secret’ movie and Bob Proctor’s ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ seminar) are the perfect ‘catalyst’ that will start a chain reaction in your mind enabling you to transcend into deeper thought thereafter becoming more receptive to more ‘proving’ and intellectually biased/challenging literature.

‘The Secret’ introduces us to ‘The Law of Attraction’, without doubt one the most powerful of the Natural Laws of the Universe and a fundamental partner to the Law of Increase…we know and accept the Law of Gravity or the Law of Flotation…but we simply have no or limited knowledge of the other fundamental Laws of Nature that govern our very existence!

‘The Power’ focuses on the most powerful ‘driving force’ in Nature … LOVE! This book will inspire you and move you as you come to realise just how much this force drives our every move to the good and when you understand a little of the WHY, your life will not be the same again.

Why are these books so thought provoking? Because you will relate to the message and information from your own life experiences and you will immediately be stimulated into positive thought and deliberation.

Ok, let’s delve into the Law of Attraction a little more…please watch this video next:


It is very important to understand that this program is not a race but a
journey, so please take your time and do not jump ahead of yourself.


…If you follow my lead you will gain the most from your efforts.
This is the start of your ‘awakening’, your ‘quickening’, your emergence from ‘not knowing’ to ‘knowing’, from ignorance to enlightenment … and the journey? The ‘journey’ is life long and will stimulate and thrill you every day once you embark on it … Guaranteed!
Let’s now conclude this page of the ROAD MAP with Bob Proctors excellent seminar ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ followed by a little more on the subject of the Law of Attraction by Messrs Proctor & Robbins to finish.

Enjoy, don’t forget to start reading now and I’ll see you on Page 5



Have a read what Stephanie wrote below then…
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Why these books? ContinuedWhy these Authors?
Important; please read:

On 1 July 2015 at 12:26, Stephanie wrote:
Subject: Thoughts on a quick review of your program
I just joined your registration page. James Allen is my favourite writer, philosopher and “go to ” when I am struggling in life. I have also been a self seeker of self improvement my entire life, I am still wishing for ‘the Secret’. I have been exposed to all books you have recommended. I feel there is a slight disconnect between some of these books and James Allen who was so purer in his intention. He did not peddle wealth- at times books such as The Secret and the people involved did not seem as authentic as James Allen – thus it is interesting you have put this group of people together with James Allen, I have started to re- read The Secret and The Power. I am struggling with my career as a physiotherapist. I am thankful to be in such a giving profession, however, I am with people all day every day who vibrate on lower frequencies. I wonder what I would be like if I did not have that constant exposure. Thus I am questioning what I really want in my life. It was always to help people make themselves better. To be a healer of mind and body. Thus I will start your program and see where this takes me. I am looking for answers as always in my life,

On 1 July 2015 at 15:08, Kevin Williams wrote:
Hi Stephanie,
Great to hear from you; thank you for writing.
On the surface your observations are correct to a ‘degree’, however…
Here lies the answer as to why the chosen authors are included in the JAI Road Map and why you are still wishing for ‘the Secret’.
People, humanity, as a whole, in general, are motivated by SELF. James Allen was an individual who had worked out that this state of being was wholly wrong and was in contradiction to the Laws of Nature and of the Universe. In other words, humanity, on the whole is wholly ignorant to the correct understanding of the principles of life and hence from an incorrect formula the answer to any number of life’s equations will always be wrong.
So, in the main, people, humanity are 180 degrees out of alignment…which is as much out of alignment as it is possible to be, right? (all will become clear a bit further on…)
…to alter this incorrect state of mind/understanding/being, people, humanity, and the individual must go on a journey of total realignment, and for the majority of us, we must be PUT on this journey…with the journey starting at a point which is both familiar and one we can relate to.
So, money, success, wealth, SELF-fulfilment is a ‘place’ which the majority of us can relate to. Unfortunately, some ‘teachers’/authors feel they understand the TRUTH, however, the truth they think they understand involves simply the betterment of SELF, however again, to a ‘degree’ what they teach does align with the real TRUTH but with ONE missing ingredient, which is why what they produce can be helpful as a transitional tool, helping to take the individual from a completely unenlightened state to one closer to the correct alignment.
However (again), if the ‘people’ stop there, at this erroneous version of the truth, the me, me, me truth, they end up no better off…neither does humanity. Children are still neglected, wars rage, anger and SELF-fulfilling prophecies dominate (my way is better than your way etc) and SELF motivated dictators, governors, COUNTRIES impact on a Global scale. And on and on…every negative ‘state of affairs’ across society is induced by SELFish behaviour to some degree or other. And SELFish behaviour in the individual transpires to selfish behaviour on mass. Me, me, me, mine mine mine…my house, my job, my rights…our water, our land…our rights, our religion…..
So, the missing ingredient, which will not only help you immeasurably if you give it your full and undivided attention (but your patients also) is that it is not the ‘betterment of Self’ that is the KEY to ‘Success’, but the ‘RELINQUISHING OF SELF‘ which is the key to contentment on any and every level. Take yourself OUT of the equation and ALL of your suffering and perplexities STOP, right?
If you look for/read closely/be mindful of, you will discover that ALL of the Authors and contributors drive toward this to some ‘degree’ or other, more-so Wattles, Haanel, Hill (the older writers mentioned), and James Allen absolutely nails it! (How much of James Allen have you read?) But because you’re not ‘tuned-in’ to it, both your conscious mind and your sub-conscious mind don’t ‘register’ the message. You, like everyone else, (me included not so long ago), are simply dialled into ‘self’.
However, they ALL focus on LOVE and GRATITUDE and ‘knowing what you want’, PURPOSE, which ARE fundamental to the CORRECT way of thinking, (even Bob Proctor in his video, The Science of Getting Rich gives CLEAR instruction when he says something like, if you want success…”be a good little GIVER”…) therefore this is why they are included, and with the correct guidance thereafter, can be very useful inclusions to take the individual closer and closer to the TRUTH. Every journey has to start somewhere, I know from personal experience, this journey, my journey, the Road Map, concludes with an understanding of the real TRUTH.
Wealth and money are not bad or evil things, and until such time the need for ‘money’ is dialled out, philanthropists do an awful lot of good deeds with the stuff, right?? Real wealthy people, i.e. the Billionaires, ‘tend’ toward philanthropy, and you’d be astounded if you knew actually how much they re-circulate. (And you will find that the ones who ‘GIVE’ ultimately know the real ‘truth’, a la James Allen.)
Opinions, and judgements, and greed, and ignorance are bad things.
I hope this helps Stephanie…add the concept of SELFLESSNESS into your thinking, deliberate over EXACTLY what it means, and the world will take on a very different perspective…and ‘the secret’ you are wishing for will simply fade into insignificance to be replaced with a contented heart and a knowing smile.
My sincerest best wishes,
Kevin Williams


If I said to you that reading and then contemplating the content of just 6 books
IS all you need do in order to know EVERYTHING you would NEED TO KNOW
on the subject of SUCCESS and WELLBEING…would you believe me?


If I said to you that reading and then contemplating the content of just 1 book
IS all you need do in order to know EVERYTHING you would NEED TO KNOW
on the subject of SUCCESS and WELLBEING…would you believe me?


As you WILL discover, you will categorically confirm the second statement
to be TRUE the moment you confirm the first statement to be true!

But WHICH book??


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