Road Map Page 6 – Food Is Our Fuel

Food is our fuel…


[Look out for this in the Road Map: ???/FFT – Food for Thought]

Always remember… The truth will out! So let us now challenge our beliefs, our paradigms, right away!


THINK about the following statement and determine for yourself the TRUTH…

‘As Human Beings we should avoid eating GRAIN in any form whatsoever!’

“What!” I hear you cry…”What of the lovely wholegrain bread that I eat…and is SUPPOSED to be so good for me?!”

This is proven scientific fact:
Grain (in all forms) contain high levels of Lectin, a member of the Lectinic protein family that are known to be toxic… many Scientists recommend we stay clear from Lectin in this form altogether…check this report out and take a look at the two videos below… The Lectin Report



Now then, has that got you thinking or what? Yes, it had the same effect on us when we discovered the information… as we too enjoyed freshly baked bread…

(I’m sure it would have interested James Allen too…do you recall James Allen being dismissive of the ‘man’ who tried to tell him that he thought bread was harmful to us in his book ‘Man; King of Mind, Body and Circumstance’?! (You listened to the audio on the opening page of the Road Map). Look out for contradictions, the ‘truth’ can move on over a century or so right? Especially if the ‘truth’ is not bang to rights proven fact. ???)

Back to today – This information isn’t meant to scare you (albeit it may alarm you some what), however, it is meant to stimulate a thought process… the purpose of everything we give you and on every subject in our program is to stimulate YOUR thinking which in turn will stimulate your desire to seek out the truth for yourself on every subject.

So, a question or two… (ask searching questions and the truth will out, guaranteed…eventually!)

What do I really know about the food I eat?

By eating the CORRECT food that SUITS my anatomy, could this alone make me healthier, leaner, more energetic?

Check out this super-illuminating link focused on genetic polymorphism.

FYI – Grain (wheat, barley etc) only became a staple in our diet about 10,000 years ago. ???. In evolutionary terms this is simply a drop in the ocean…explore more and enjoy finding out the truth; only good can come of it. Find out what does suit our anatomy; we will expand on what our approach is further on.


Are you enjoying?
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