Understanding and Overcoming (Introduction)

(Financial Difficulty, Depression, Suicidal Thoughts)


A little extra love, support and encouragement brings hope…and a little extra knowledge, awareness and application adds faith, and with it comes everything else.
Hello, my name is Kevin Williams and I am pictured here with my eldest son Aran. I am a very grateful father of three wonderful children and I sincerely believe today is the day that a little love, support and hope finds its way to you, along with the direction and inspiration to seek out and take advantage of the correct knowledge which if applied will lead you to the rewards of enlightenment and faith and the life you both want and deserve.
Why do I want to help you find your key to happiness?
I have enjoyed both success and accolade in my life which I am eternally grateful for and I have also experienced some very difficult times both in business and personally which have tested me to the core and for which I am also exceedingly grateful, albeit I didn’t think so at the time! Of course, for sure, it was those difficult times that taught me the most about my self, exposing my frailties and testing my resolve to the limit…but I made it through thanks to a very precious little person in my life, a dear friend, and, regardless of how I was feeling not so very long ago, my instinct to still sense a good thing when it was near by.
I now KNOW without a shadow of doubt there is ALWAYS HOPE even in one’s darkest moments!
The best way I can show my gratitude for what I have received is to share the source of my good fortune and well-being with others and this is what I intend to do to the best of my ability.​ My good fortune, the ‘good thing’, that helped me both emotionally and financially, came by way of a source of knowledge which afforded me a pathway to a higher level of awareness and this source of invaluable information is what I would dearly like to share with you…as this gift will bring real benefit to you and others who may be experiencing similar challenges and personal difficulties too, regardless of how or why the difficulties came to be… depression is depression, addiction is addiction, poverty is poverty and chronic stress is chronic stress, right? …no matter why the imbalance or lack came to be!
On behalf of my whole family I would like to welcome you to our information pages as hopefully they will lead you to a greater understanding and real contentment in your life thereafter. We hope our experiences and the positive path forward we were fortunate to find make a positive difference to your life also.
Before you read another word, I must relay to you this statement, a statement which my whole family now know from their own personal experience to be one of absolute truth:
“Whatever state of health you are experiencing in your life right now either emotionally, financially or physically is of absolutely no consequence, as your situation at this precise moment in time has absolutely no bearing on your future well-being, prosperity or happiness whatsoever. FACT.”
This is a fact and it will be my pleasure to share with you how I found, with incredible swiftness, the correct path forward and consequently, how I discovered without doubt, this simple yet profound statement above to be the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
I hope you benefit from reading the accompanying posts and enjoy your uplifting and inspiring journey with me thereafter on the James Allen Initiative Concise Road Map to a Greater Understanding. Kind regards and best wishes, Kevin


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