Understanding and Overcoming Suicidal Thoughts

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Happy or Sad? LIFE OR DEATH?


Please consider this statement of fact:

We choose happy or sad…happy or sad does NOT choose us.


Please read on…
How are you actually feeling? Can you relate to how I felt?
Sadness didn’t even come close to the despair I was feeling; I found myself lying on my bed one mid-afternoon not so long ago curled up in a ball with my knees tight into my chest, a deep contracting ache from my throat down to my pelvis restricting my breathing and a dull throbbing ‘drummed’ in my head as I tried to stop, stop, stop, the thoughts and the pain I was feeling from torturing me. I had hit rock bottom, no where left to go, no options left, no hope…and I was thinking of suicide…I was thinking harder and with more intent and imagination than I had ever done so before over how to take my own life in order to put an end to my misery.

My marriage was over, my business world had crumbled and my efforts to recover were proving futile and worthless. I was alone and at this precise moment in my life I knew I had no one I could call on and tell them of my despair. So why am I still here? I am here because thinking and doing are two very different things but they share one immutable commonality…we, you and I, are in charge of both the thinking and the doing…we can choose…and I chose NOT TO. But why did I choose not to carry out this final act, I was obviously miserable and desperate enough?

1. I obviously didn’t WANT to, and…

2. I knew from experience (a dear Uncle of mine did WANT to) and from intellectual and intuitive awareness that suicide is the single most selfish thing you can do to those who love you, and quite simply, I am NOT a selfish person…as aren’t 99.99999% of people when it comes to the needs and nurture of our children and those we love regardless of how self-centred any of us may have developed from damaging paradigms and limiting beliefs…Nature has irrevocably levied upon us, and within us, the immutable Law that to give takes preference over to receive and we as members of the Natural World are no different.

Suicide is the ultimate ‘taking’ from those we love, the ultimate act of selfishness, as the act simply gives nothing but takes everything…and you know exactly what I mean by this and you know also that I am 100% correct in my assessment.

So…let’s make some sense of these real thoughts and feelings we are having and see if we can go a little further toward the reset button…

Understanding ‘Why’ we have such thoughts…

The simple answer is this: We have suicidal thoughts simply because ‘suicide’ is a viable ‘option’ available to us when considering how to solve certain seemingly ‘insurmountable’ problems that we occasionally face… as with any ‘problems’ we face, large or small, we are ‘programmed’ through nature and our own remarkable evolution to investigate ALL of the options we are ‘aware’ of in order to solve our issue or problem! In my opinion, it is absolutely NORMAL to ‘consider’ suicide simply because it IS an ‘option’ available to us. Simple as that! This is what I came to learn, understand and appreciate about ‘suicidal thoughts’, and do you know what? I am right again, aren’t I? …because when you think about it in this way, you have to agree with me, don’t you? How many people have or have had thoughts of committing suicide and how many have actually carried it out?

However this said, I am not making light of how you feel or why you are feeling this way, as I know only too well, and my vivid memories are with me to prove it, how debilitated and dark I felt. But I investigated further and I figured out what makes our suicidal thoughts build momentum and depth and further more why it should be necessary for us to consider such options in the first place.

A breakthrough – Simply ‘finding out’ about this subject and what possible imbalances may be affecting our mental state helps us immensely, as the ‘lack of knowledge’ or ‘understanding’ on the subject contributes HUGELY to our condition or state of mind no matter what it is or how negative our resulting thoughts become! Do you recall these words of wisdom? “…then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”…there has never been a ‘truer’ statement made…and especially when it relates to the workings of our own mind and consciousness.

Overcoming suicidal thoughts and BANISHING them forever…

Understanding ‘Depression’, ‘Chronic Stress’ or whatever we ‘feel’ we may be suffering with or from is one thing, but how on earth do we really overcome these ‘real’ debilitating mental effects, such as suicidal thoughts, that we are hampered by without resorting to mind numbing medication or more importantly how do we banish this ‘negativity’ from our lives in the long term and permanently? In my opinion, and I’m sure you will agree, like any illness, ailment or disease it is VITAL that the cause of the symptom or symptoms is addressed or the ‘medicine’ will be futile! Let’s start with this thought: Can you, or do you remember what it is like to feel ‘happy’? Good, of course you can…and that will do very nicely as a start…press the ‘reset’ button now…RIGHT NOW, before we go another step…I insist!

Good… So, how do we get to the root cause of any issue or problem? We investigate the issue and find out everything we can about it and once we really get to the truth i.e. the absolute facts of the situation we can then apply the correct solution and ‘fix’ the problem…that’s how…and solving complex emotional issues that perhaps have been with us lurking in our sub-conscious for years is no different. Thankfully, as I have discovered, and now sharing what I have discovered with you, solving our inner most issues is NO DIFFERENT from solving any other practical issues we may face and literally is JUST ANOTHER PROCESS…and it is this process, this ‘finding out’ and the awareness it brings which will banish your suicidal thoughts forever and the problems and issues, whatever they may be, which contributed to your despair in the first place. I know this to be true.

My ‘solution’ came from following a ‘trail’ of literature and other stimulating information and over a 2 year period I can honestly say hand on heart that I discovered the answer to ALL my unanswered questions, every single last one of them, and with it I was able to liberate myself from ALL the emotional ties and baggage that had previously restricted and governed my development and chances of reaching my FULL potential as an entrepreneur, a father and a MAN.

I invite and encourage you to follow for yourself the exact same journey I successfully negotiated to great effect, now so simply laid out in the James Allen Institute Concise Road Map to a Greater Understanding, whereby, you’ll encounter a problem solving educational directory that will inspire you, stimulate you, enthuse you and provide you with the correct knowledge, awareness and practical advise to enable you to address and overcome any and every possible personal issue and ‘lack’ you may have, and that includes financial; and the ‘process’ is as simple and as straightforward as can be, in every sense – Guaranteed! NO FRILLS, NO HIDDEN AGENDA … simply a life changing success formula delivering life changing awareness and with it your Birthright. Do you know what your true Birthright is? You will find out very shortly…believe what you read and enjoy the ride of your life. You DO deserve it!

Very Best Wishes, Kevin and Co.



Engage with the Road Map, it WILL help you begin a NEW chapter in your life.


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