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And CONGRATULATIONS on your decision to take advantage of the JAI ROAD MAP.



Without doubt this will be THE most rewarding, stimulating and influential educative
journey of your adult life and with a positive outlook and an open inquisitive mind
this is simply a factual statement of truth as you will soon discover for yourself.


You’ve arrived on this page first as this is the ‘start’ of your journey and the page whereby you can report any glitches, (unresponsive pages, broken video links etc), add a testimonial, leave some feedback, or, simply get in touch.

When you are ready, after first reading through and familiarising yourself with this page, please start HERE and work through both the introductory pages and the Road Map steadily and logically, and for best results simply follow the Author’s lead and ENJOY THE PROCESS!
Oh, and if you haven’t already had the pleasure, enjoy a little of Jim Carrey to get you in the right frame of mind and in the right mood for the smorgasbord of good stuff which lies ahead of you.

(Upbeat and purposeful btw…)




Please tell us your story, your issues, your success, your critique, anything at all…

We wish for this simple yet profound program to be the most accessible, affordable and purposeful personal development aid available … and we would be extremely grateful for any help and support to make it so.


If you would like a little personal support or encouragement right now or if you would simply like to introduce yourself then please feel free to get in touch.
Our direct email address is support@jai.org.uk or more conveniently, if there is ‘anything’ you would like to share, ask or suggest, please feel free to do so here:


    Thank you…

    Donations – ALL we ask of you, of anyone, is if you feel you have enjoyed and benefited from the Road Map, then, and only then would we ask you to give consideration for that which you have received based on a true reflection of what the programme has been worth to you and in consideration of your own personal circumstances; this is Our Ethos.
    We currently pledge our support to UNICEF, as by far they are best placed on the ground to help the most children (and families) in the most severely effected areas of unrest around the world who are truly in crisis. Check out the amazing efforts the good people of UNICEF are making, and, make your pledge DIRECTLY to UNICEF by clicking on the logo below. Welcome to TEAM JAI … together we CAN and WILL make a positive difference.



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