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We will start our programme at the end…where every
successful project ever conceived, realised its beginning!


[Think about this statement above… …do you understand what I mean by it? Think about it…where do the plans come from to start or create anything? And are the pictures we see in our mind’s eye the finished article or just a jumble of incomplete images? I would like to plant another huge seed: Creative Enterprise and Competitive Enterprise…which one is best and why? Why is this of FUNDAMENTAL importance to you?]
Ok, let’s crack on…


As you will discover and verify for yourself with both Heart
and Mind over the coming days and weeks:

The KEY to your ultimate Well-being is SELFLESSNESS.
The KEY to Peace on Earth is SELFLESSNESS.

[Do you already ‘get’ this? Perhaps a ‘feeling’ it could be true?]


And a concise summary containing the key ingredients necessary for you to
achieve SUCCESS and YOUR ultimate state of being is this:

Seek out the TRUTH in ALL things and DECIDE what you REALLY WANT TO DO in order to deliver the GREATEST SERVICE AND BENEFIT TO OTHERS whilst engaging in activity which YOU TRULY LOVE concentrating on being the BEST THAT YOU CAN BE whilst living in the PRESENT DAY motivated into constant ACTION by your DEFINITENESS OF PURPOSE and SELFLESS [written] INTENT, fortified and embraced by the immutable forces of LOVE and GRATITUDE.

…which manifests practically into 4 simple yet fundamental and profound key elements which to focus and concentrate on:

  1. Your Outlook… adopt the CORRECT ATTITUDE toward EVERYONE and EVERYTHING.
  2. Your Living… decide on and engage with gusto and DISCIPLINE activity which you LOVE to do.
  3. Your Home… decide with absolute certainty at any one time WHERE and HOW you want to live, and thereafter,
  4. Simply choose with clinical decisiveness WHAT’S IN. (WHAT’S OUT is of NO relevance, right??!)

…which summarises even further into this:

“Adopt the RIGHT attitude and know EXACTLY what you WANT from every aspect of your life.”

…which can be neatly condensed into this:


…and once you know and can explain the real profound depth of meaning behind these two simple words you will truly be able to say to yourself that you indeed ‘See the Biggest Picture and Understand the Smallest Detail’ and you will not only know and intellectually understand how simple life is and how simple it should be, but you will also know and understand Faith in Principle having attained it for yourself and the absolute undeniable truth to the statements presented at the top of this page.



This Road Map, driven by the Library at your disposal, contains all the stimulus and educational content necessary to raise an individual’s awareness (and being) to that of Divine Enlightenment, to a complete understanding of the meaning of life…the ultimate simple TRUTH. How far YOU go with your thinking and questioning and concluding will be entirely up to you; you will determine how far you go toward the ultimate truth. The great thing is this though; regardless of how far you venture, your life WILL improve with every uplifting thought you have, with every increase in awareness you experience and with every good deed you do. No other result is possible. Remember this word: SELFLESSNESS…and this one: SIMPLICITY.


The PURPOSE of LIFE is GROWTH…and as such, and in line with the Natural Order of the Universe, PROGRESS and making progress IS one of the FUNDAMENTAL elements that induces feelings of HAPPINESS in us all.

And how do we make PROGRESS? ACTION
Action DELIVERS Progress
…and INSPIRED ACTION on a DAILY BASIS delivers PROGRESS on a daily basis…ACTION is the vehicle which DELIVERS the ‘goods’ that we have ALREADY placed an order for!

And the ORDER is ENTIRELY up to you to VISUALISE and DECIDE ON.



by James Allen
In the dark land of To-morrow
I dwelt with pain and sorrow,
And I sighed for joys and blessings that escaped me as I ran ;
And the darkness gathered round me,
For the morrow ever found me
Living in “What I ought to do,” and not in what I can.
And I sought for loving-kindness
In the dim, dark haunts of blindness ;
In the lightless caves of self I searched for blessedness and rest;
And I reached out hands appealing,
Sadly groped for light and healing,
Striving for “what I want to have,” not what is true and best.
Then I found that selfish hoping,
Darkly seeking, blindly groping
In vain wishing and regretting chased life’s glory from my brow;
So I ceased from selfish fretting,
Turned to Love, and, self-forgetting,
Left “what I hope to get and keep,” for what I will be now.
So I fled from self and sorrow,
Left the dark land of To-morrow,
And thought of what kind deeds to do, what loving words to say;
And the light of peace and gladness
Chased away the clouds of sadness,
For I lost the past and future in the bright world of To-day.


The secret to Health, Wealth and Happiness… the secret to SUCCESSFUL LIVING and to success on any meaningful level and on any subject, and the underlying message in every Good Book written or study on the subject made, is this:

    The more one lets go of Self (Ego) and selfish behaviour (of any and every description)… the more selfless one becomes and the more selfless one’s ACTIONS are focused… the more special one’s life will be, and, the more truly content one will be. To Give IS the fundamental magical key in the attainment of lasting success and heart-felt happiness.

Remember these FACTS when you are reading, listening or thinking about ANYTHING you are engaged with or deliberating over going forward. It will also help you iron out any apparent contradictions especially when deliberating over ‘money’ and/or ‘wealth creation’. Think, Love and Purpose…Love and Purpose…

To Give IS to Receive.

To Give IS to Receive. ALWAYS remember this in your life, reason why this is so, build your thinking and habits around this ultimate truth and you will fly. Now read this page again with this outlook firmly in your mind and see which words you now focus on in the above summary. You are now ready to move ‘Onward and Upward’…and I am ready to accompany you!

FYI, I believe James Allen describes and explains with more concise detail and straightforward tutelage, (perhaps over and above any other single author, past or present), the in-depth concept of Selflessness and the fundamental importance of Selflessness both to the well-being of ‘us’ as individuals, and, to the well-being of ‘us’ as a race.


And before we continue let’s now raise and complete ‘Lessons 2’ on Food, Fitness and FAITH…

Simply focus on the statements and words written above:

“Adopt the RIGHT attitude and know EXACTLY what you WANT from every aspect of your life.”


…let these most meaningful statements become your overriding source of deliberation! REALLY… let the true meaning of these few words dominate your focus and let them become ingrained on your sub-conscious mind; deliberate and think about these words until they become a ‘mush’ in your conscious mind… you will understand the huge importance of these few words and sentences before you know it and when you do your level of awareness will have taken a giant leap forward.

Now let’s move on to the HOW… and enough of the ‘lesson speak’; I’m not your teacher, for the moment I am merely your guide… and privileged to be so!

Let us simply concentrate on HOW we take ownership of the KEY, remembering always with joy and awe throughout our journey this comforting and remarkably truthful ode (apologies in advance!):



The more we know and understand

The simpler ‘it’ appears

And as the truth will always out

Disappear must fear and doubt

Mind and Body, Body and Soul

Finally FREE to Rock and Roll.


LIFE, by design, is meant to be progressive and straightforward, NOT convoluted and difficult.


Important Information – We are not affiliated in any way to any of the experts we have chosen to feature in order to help you, thus we have nothing to gain from endorsing any of these people or their work – just the satisfaction of knowing that the information you are about to receive will help you develop…help you ‘question’…help you conclude. Like me, you may also not agree with all that you hear or read…especially as you progress. This is a good thing though…there is only one TRUTH, you simply have to make sure this is your only goal and your thinking has drawn your conclusions.


To get us warmed up and our minds in thinking mode, please listen to one of the World’s leading personal development coaches Bob Proctor talk about our belief systems… just start to consider that there may be more to your understanding of life that you currently perceive or are aware of right now!

By the way the truth as we refer to in our program is not meant as the opposite of a lie or an untruth, but more of correct and proven knowledge… please remember this as you will come to live by and seek out the truth in every situation, subject and circumstance you happen upon.


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…Understand the Smallest Detail


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