Understanding and Overcoming Financial Difficulty

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Before you read the following post, hopefully this will prove a helpful heads up on DEALING WITH debt:
If debt is causing you (or someone you know) sleepless nights or worse at the moment, and you feel this subject is just too personal or difficult for you to breach with anyone you know (or even with a stranger face to face), then do not hesitate, click on the Step Change link below, dial the number and have a totally confidential chat with someone very supportive, very knowledgeable, very faceless and whose purpose of employment and primary function is solely to help you get some relief.
Please remember, a problem shared really is a problem halved and although there is a permanent solution waiting for you just around the corner as you will discover when you engage with the Boapio Road Map, immediate relief from the pressure really is just one ‘click’ away and you will be amazed how much non-judgemental emotional and practical support you will receive from Step Change. There is always a positive solution no matter how unlikely that may seem to you at this moment…take it!
Poverty? Wealth? How SHOULD we exist financially and how SHOULD we feel about MONEY?
How are you actually feeling about money..or more’s the point how are you feeling about lack of money? Do you love money or do you loathe the stuff? Are you fearful of bankruptcy now?
I believe the following to be the absolute truth:
I have proved to myself beyond any doubt whatsoever that we are all meant to live in abundance, enjoying from our efforts the means to be able to live the life that we want to live, and deserve to live (…providing we live with the ethos: To Give is to Receive…and we desire money for acts of the Soul as opposed to acts of greed, vanity and/or depravity). It is natures way and natures will, 100%.
A bold statement for sure but how and why? Before we go into understanding why it is our right to live in abundance I’d like to share with you how I have come to understand the value of money and how I now know the above bold statement to be true.
In my adult life I have experienced seven figure wealth and I have also experienced the exact opposite inclusive of crippling debt, debilitating adversity, and, in recent times following the international banking crisis, forced bankruptcy. I know what it is like to be down to my very last £20 in the World, positioned precariously, and faced with a decision to either invest it in a means of making another £20 or buying food. No exaggeration…this last statement in 100% true. I do know, appreciate and understand the effects and consequences of being at the differing ends of the spectrum…and on more than one occasion, thus I am qualified to give an opinion. Poverty can and frequently does turn up and reside behind the doors you would least expect…and always bringing with it the same dyer consequences and misery. But do you know what else I have learned? We can change our circumstances as quickly as it takes to wake up in the morning and anyone can change their circumstances, including YOU, as sure as you are reading this right now! Please continue…
Do you understand why it is right, and in keeping with Nature’s way, to have the desire to become wealthy? And why overcoming your limiting beliefs is absolute key to experiencing and living YOUR life to the full?
How do we get money? How do we acquire more money? How do we open up the life we truly want and dream about? How do we get to a position whereby we can contribute to the well-being of others and not JUST worry about our own living?
The simple answer is this: By doing the things we want to do in a certain way…do you recall these song lyrics? … “It’s not what you do it’s the way that you do it…”, well there lies the truth once more… and do you recall these words of wisdom? “…then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”…there has never been a truer statement made, and especially when it relates to the workings of our own mind and consciousness which without a question of doubt is the only thing that ultimately restricts us.
My real understanding of the truth, and that includes the truth regarding my right to live in abundance, came from following a trail of literature and other stimulating information and over a two year period I can honestly say hand on heart that I discovered the answer to ALL of my unanswered questions, every single last one of them, and with it I was able to liberate myself from ALL the emotional ties and baggage that had previously restricted and governed my development and chances of reaching my full potential as an entrepreneur, a father and a truly wealthy MAN!
I invite and encourage you to follow for yourself the exact same journey I successfully negotiated to great effect, now so simply laid out in the James Allen Institute Concise Road Map to a Greater Understanding, whereby, you’ll encounter a problem solving educational directory that will inspire you, stimulate you, enthuse you and provide you with the correct knowledge, awareness and practical advise to enable you to address and overcome any and every possible personal issue and ‘lack’ you may have, and that includes financial; and the ‘process’ is as simple and as straightforward as can be, in every sense – Guaranteed! NO FRILLS, NO HIDDEN AGENDA … simply a life changing success formula delivering life changing awareness and with it your Birthright. Do you know what your true Birthright is? You will find out very shortly…believe what you read and enjoy the ride of your life. You DO deserve it!
Very Best Wishes, Kevin and Co.



Simply engage with the Road Map to begin a NEW chapter in YOUR life.


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